Google Plus for Business

Pros and Cons for Utilizing Google + For Business

What is Google Plus?

First of all Google Plus is an extremely active social media network. However, you can’t treat this network the same as Facebook or Twitter because it’s completely different. It’s really a “social layer” that Google has created. According to Top 5 Advisor, “Google Plus is an interest-based platform where like-minded individuals communicate, collaborate and create as a community. Unlike other social media networks this platform gives you the opportunity to forge meaningful, long-term relationships by consistently engaging with peers and other industry experts”.

The Good

  • Google Plus has over 540 million users
  • It’s the second largest social media network in the WORLD.
  • It helps businesses improve their brand visibility.
  • It allows for interaction with customers on a social level.
  • The network has blogging and video conferencing capabilities along with being an online community.
  • It allows users to share their content in multiple ways while having control over who sees their content. One of the most important reasons to use Google Plus is that your posts are immediately indexed by Google’s search engine. This can help raise your internet search rankings.(1)

20 Reasons Why To Use Google +

Why use Google Plus

Why use Google Plus

The Bad

  • It takes some getting used to. What we hear most from clients is they don’t understand how to use Google +. It’s not as intuitive as other social media networks.
  • One thing that seems to overwhelm people are the number of options available. If you don’t understand how Google Plus works then it can be a real turn off.
  • You can’t link in your other social media networks. For example if you post to Google + there is no option to also share your post to Twitter or Facebook; it’s essentially a stand-alone network. However, many other social networks allow sharing with Google Plus, so you can always post to the other networks and share your content to your Google + page.
  • Lastly, we all know Google to be a powerful search engine. However, there is not a search function within the Google Plus platform which can make looking for content difficult.

Wrap -Up

Google Plus For Business

Google Plus For Business

The greatest advantage of being on Google Plus is that it’s backed by the powerful Google brand. There are some downsides to Google+ as you can see from the inforgraphic above. (2) However, many underestimate the power of Google Plus, and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Overall there are more pros than cons to having a Google Plus page, and I urge you to set one up for your business. If you want to start a Google + page, Check out Marvin Shervington’s guide to help you get all set up.