A Man, An Author, My Husband

The recent events that rocked our world.

“This week was a blow to our family”

I’ve been on a journey with my husband for the last 15 years as he worked to become a published author. We met in our early 20’s and he’d already written his first series. I quickly learned what it was like to date a writer and a college student. My husband struggled over the years (as I can imagine many writers do) with re-writing his entire book, coming up with plot changes, and even writer’s block. Together we’ve always talked about his books, the world he was creating on paper, and how to spur his imagination to keep him inspired to push forward.

The day finally came, the book was done, and now it was time to finalize his dream and look for a publisher for his series. This was a difficult journey filled with frustration, self-doubt, and discouragement. The blows from rejection letters were difficult for my husband, and my heart ached for him as well. I believed in my husband and his dream, therefore I wouldn’t let him give up. I helped any way I could during this process, and after years of trying, his dream of becoming a published writer looked bleak.

The Final Letter

Then in 2011, we got the letter of a lifetime. Wildchild Publishing wanted to take the chance on him and publish his three-part series. That day was unbelievable. I personally can’t explain the amazing joy I felt to see someone’s lifelong dream come true, and this person happened to be my husband.

The blood, sweat, and tears didn’t end with a letter of acceptance. He worked tirelessly at a full-time job during the day and worked with an amazing editor (and fellow writer S.R. Howen) to revise his book in the evenings. My husband grew exponentially in his writing and editing capabilities and before we knew it, his first book, Spirit Summoner, was released on Dec 3rd 2013. The first book in The Chosen of the Light series was finally published.

Self-promoting was a must before and after his books were published, and this is where my specialty came in as I have a B.A in Communications & Social Media. I helped my husband set up a website and his social media platforms. Together, we did everything to get his name out there and promote his works. Right before his second book was released, I advised my husband to write under a pen name in order to help him stand out. Soul Seekers was published in late 2014 under his new name.

Blow to our Family

Springing forward to present day, my husband recently received an email that his publisher Wildchild Publishing will be going out of business. He has been working so hard on getting ready for his third book to be published next year, and now that promise has been snatched away. At the time, my husband felt as though his dreams were smashed. It was as if the final chapter to wrap up the epic journeys of Ictar (the world in his books) was sucked away. This was almost as though his first two books being published were all for nothing. My husband was deeply saddened by this news. I was enraged. I can’t understand how or why we would get this news with an impersonal email after working so closely with his publisher for years.

Despite our anger and sadness, my husband will not quit. I won’t let him. I’ll be beside him every step of the way to figure out how to get his third book, Devoid, published, promoted, and sold. While this is our new journey in life, I encourage you to explore his epic journeys on paper or digitally.

I know my husband as Matt Campbell. The world knows him as Jon Carlin Shea.

Please check out his works today.

Author of Epic Fantasies www.joncarlinshea.com

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