The Pros And Cons Of Quitting Social Media

April Fools Joke

Citing the stress of engaging with sites like Facebook and Instagram, many users deactivate their social media accounts for their emotional well-being, while others enjoy these platforms as a way of connecting with friends and family. Here are some pros and cons of quitting social media:


  • All the colors, brightness of a world unimpeded by Amaro filtering
  • Interactions with colleagues limited to eight hours per day

  • One less barrier between you and friendly strangers on the bus looking to make conversation

  • No longer bound by prohibitive monthly user fees

  • Makes it easier to appreciate all the other organic sources of stress and insecurity life has to offer

  • Only chance to lower Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth by roughly .00000000001 percent

  • Concrete proof that you are a fascinating iconoclast


  • Gradual loss of hashtagging, geotagging skills
  • Having to send out invites to your upcoming improv show via courier

  • Potential to become dangerously overconfident without a constant, direct comparison of your life to everyone else’s

  • Endless pining for ex-lover limited to pictures saved on hard drive

  • Unreliable offline metrics as to which House Of Cards character you are

  • Harder to keep in touch with family and friends’ idealized facsimiles

Get Going & Be Happy

Do it today! Delete all your social media. That way you can do more important things like actually twiddling your thumbs, dusting your workspace, or talking to yourself. Trust us!

We'd love to hear from you...Tell us what social media platforms you quit today in order to be happier.




If you actually read this post... April Fools! These wonderful pros and cons came from the awesome folks from The Onion