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How to Edit Marketing Videos From Your Phone

If you haven’t read my last post on how important video marketing is for your business, then you gotta check it out. This is step two on how to create and edit your videos to produce excellent promotional materials, using phone apps.

Video Editing From Your Phone

Video Editing From Your Phone

We’re all busy and to be able to whip out your phone, take a video, and edit your video all from the palm of your hand seems impossible right? Wrong. We definitely have the capabilities so let’s get into phone apps that can be used to edit your videos.

Nutshell (for iOS only) Just snap 3 photos, add some fun cartoons and captions, and let Nutshell turn it all into a cool, shareable mini-movie that tells your story in seconds. 

Magisto (Android & iOS) Magisto turns your everyday videos and photos into exciting, memorable movies you'll want to watch
again and again

Animoto (Android & iOS) Turn your photos and video clips into video slideshows, quickly and easily. Animoto is easy to use, hosted in the cloud, customizable, and offers a great selection of templates and music to accompany any video. 

Videoshop (for iOS only) Videoshop is an easy video editor with fast editing tools, filters, voice-over tools, and many other effects for personalizing your videos. Videoshop has other cool features: create claymation videos with stop motion recording, playback videos in reverse, and add animal noises, farts, explosions, & laughter sound effects. 

iMovie App (for iOS only) It’s easy to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. 

Leslie Belknap from Buffer did an INCREDIBLE job explaining each one of these apps and how they perform and function. I encourage you to check out her thorough breakdown here, it will be worth your time.

Wait There's More...

Thanks to they too break down the following apps to better understand what each one does.

PowerDirector (Android) Not only does PowerDirector able to edit your standard videos but can also edit GoPro or phone footage just like iMovie, Magisto or Final Cut. Full HD movie maker power comes to your phone, with video effects, transitions, & voice over for video. Rotate, split or trim video. Make a movie with Full HD picture using simple video FX, transitions, & custom voiceover or audio soundtrack.

Pinnacle Studio (iOS only) Enjoy true movie-making power with two full-featured, universal iOS apps that you can access across all your favorite iOS devices. With Pinnacle Studio for iOS there is no reason to sacrifice creative features and controls, just because you are using a mobile device.

Kinemaster (Android) For professionals and amateurs alike, KineMaster offers an unprecedented level of control over the mobile editing process, and for artists and educators, handwriting layers allow you to draw directly on the video (also handy for storyboarding!). Our users include mobile journalists, YouTube creators, short film producers, educators and other professionals from various industries around the world

Adobe Premiere Clip (Android & iOS) Turn the clips you shoot with your Android or iOS device into videos that look and sound incredible. Then share them on your favorite social channels, or sync them to Adobe Creative Cloud to take them further in Premiere Pro CC.

Bring Videos To Life With Amazing Apps

Get started today with creating amazing content for your business. Use video marketing to increase your company's exposure.

Created by Tirachard -

Created by Tirachard -

Still Not Sure?

Still unsure about video content for your business? Check out these astonishing statistics.

Research shows 74% of consumers who watched a video that explains a product or service have then made a purchase.

77% of consumers say they are convinced to buy a product or service because they watched a video. (1)

That’s pretty powerful don’t you think?

Creating a video for your business is crucial. It’s an inexpensive way to give you that visual marketing power to boost brand recognition.

Remember to Think, Shoot, Edit & Post and reap the benefits.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

The Chatterbox team is here to help if you need it. We offer affordable options to help you create professional videos. Also we love to hear from YOU, let us know your favorite video editing app and comment below.