Visual Marketing Power

The Power Of Video For Marketing

We're sure you have heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well a video is worth much more today.

With Facebook now offering live streaming video capabilities, anything can be captured, and published on Facebook in seconds. Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube, have long understood the importance of using video in social media.

In 2014 over 78% of people in the United States watch online videos and the numbers are growing. (3) As a social media marketing company, it’s our job to remain on top of the latest trends in order to help small businesses stay current in today’s cyber world. Video is one of those affordable ways to easily promote your products and services.

Video may capture a local baker making delightful pastries, or a mechanic teaching us how to change the oil on a car. Whatever you and your business does, a video can be created to reach out to your audience.

Video Is Marketing Power

Video Is Marketing Power

Think, Shoot, Post

First, reflect on the content you will put out to the world. Ask yourself why people would care?

Part of social media promotions is being mindful of the strategies being used and ensuring they are strengthening your company brand. If you or someone in your business can’t keep up with social media promotions, then you need to hire us, wink wink. All kidding aside you should not start promoting on social media unless you can dedicate the time.

Second, you should think about is which video platform(s) you will use. We suggest using one longer recording capability platform and one short recording capability platform. See below for the details on the different types and options out there.

Finally, you want to be able to edit your videos to suit your needs. This may not be possible using live streaming applications, but if you are utilizing YouTube, then there are some excellent ways to edit your videos, along with a multitude of apps that will help edit your short videos.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Recording Programs

Limited Recording Time

Instagram: up to 60 seconds
Snapchat: up to 10 seconds
Vine: up to 6 seconds

Longer Video Capability Programs

YouTube: up to 15 minutes, but can post a longer video by following these steps.
Your mobile device: You can use your cell phone or other recording equipment to create longer videos. However, when you upload your video to certain platforms, the video may be trimmed to what is allowed by that platform.

Live Streaming Options

Facebook Live Livestream

Periscope Meerkat

Creating Amazing Videos for your Business
When creating a video, be creative.

To engage viewers and motivate them to share your video, tell a story that is both informative and clever. Show what makes your company, and its products and services, distinctive. Invite happy clients to record their testimonials. (2)

When recording, use these tips from social media examiner. (1)

  •  Make the first 3–5 seconds really count.

  •  Make sure you’re high-energy and make strong eye contact with the camera.

  •  Work with an outline that has bullets instead of reading your text.

  •  Include a Call to Action (subscribe today, apply now, check us out on Facebook)

Let’s Review

Okay, now that you have picked at least two video platforms, and know what direction you want to go in with your videos, it’s time to start filming and getting your business noticed. Here at Chatterbox, we love hearing from you. What's the best video app you use?