Why Words Matter

Finding the right words that represent your business is important. Do you know how to inform your audience about your products and services?

Have you heard the term copywriting but aren’t sure what that means or entails?

What Is Copywriting? Copywriting is the art of creating written content for websites, blogs, or print materials. The purpose of a copywriter is to write content that persuades the target audience to take action. A copywriter will help raise your brand awareness through the written word, while creating valuable content for readers.

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Can’t Write

Sometimes you’ll sit down to write content for a blog or website and end up just staring at your computer. It’s like your mind goes blank. Sometimes it’s hard enough to find the time to sit down and write period, let alone write informative, attention grabbing content that’ll benefit your business.

Other times you may sit down to write but have so many thoughts and ideas swirling in around your head it can be difficult to organize those thoughts in a clear and concise manner that makes sense.

Not Sure How

Business writing is an art. It isn’t your everyday informal email or text message we draft daily. Website writing is especially important for SEO purposes, along with pulling your target audience in to help create sales.

Sometimes we're too close to the subject and it’s hard to be objective or see our products and services from another perspective. We all want to believe we’re “one of a kind” and can offer “the best”, but to write objectively is important in order to effectively sell your business to the public.

No Time

No Time To Write

No Time To Write

Running a business is not an easy task, especially small business owners who have little time to write because of the many hats they must wear.

Copywriting requires time. It’s not a process that should be rushed.

Copywriters take the time to research your competition, write content without spelling and grammar errors, all to produce work that is worthy of your brand name. Creating a poorly written blog, or website with little content can effect your credibility and authority.

Still want to try it yourself? If you want to take a stab at writing content for your blogs or website, here are some helpful tips to get started.

6 Tips on Copywriting Yourself

#1 Find your niche/target audience (if you don’t already know). If you need help finding your target audience, we can help. When writing, ask yourself, What will my readers/customers want? How can I write in such ways that will offer value to them?

#2 Enjoy yourself. If you can get into the right head space writing can be enjoyable, especially when blogging. Creating a blog post that you’re passionate about is something your readers will appreciate. They may even reciprocate your enthusiasm.

#3 Look at the big picture. It’s only natural to focus on the products and services you offer, but you can also benefit from expanding your scope. For example, if you sell pet supplies, think about what other interests pet owners may want or need outside of pet supplies. This will help in creating more content for your website, or inspire you for possible blog posts.

#4 Google is your friend. When you get stuck on ideas for blogging, or what other content you can put on your website, you can turn to internet search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to help. Let’s re-visit the pet supply store. If you want to sell doggy ball slingshots, think about how much exercise the animal gets by using your product. You can search for articles relating to animals and exercise in order to tell your customers the benefits of exercise and how your product will help achieve a healthier pet. Getting readers to see the value in your products is how you convert readers into customers.

#5 Encourage interaction. When writing for a website make sure you have call-to-actions throughout your website. This tells customers how they can contact you, save on a product, or act now. If you are blogging, welcome comments on your blog posts. Blogs have the unique ability to encourage conversations.

#6 Proofread. Having spelling or grammar errors (even a few) can send the wrong message. Meanings may be misconstrued. Unchecked work may reflect poorly on you or your business. Grammar mistakes can covey carelessness, laziness, or reduce your credibility.

The best thing to do is walk away from your writing for a day and come back to it with a clear mind and refreshed eyes. If you still don’t feel comfortable proofreading yourself, have another person review it, or contact us, and we can help, too.

Leave It To The Professionals

If you don’t want to mess with any of it and understand the importance of polished material that represents your business in the best light, Please contact us. At Chatterbox Promotions, our team is ready for any copywriting or copyediting task you may throw at us.