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The Importance of Blogging for Business

Many times we suggest when creating a website, start a blog as well. This is often met with confusion, bewilderment or disbelief. This is why we thought we should let you know why blogging is important for you or your business. 

Who Needs To Blog?

Anyone who wants to gain exposure for their business
If you are starting a new business
If you are revamping your current business

Things to Think About Before Starting A Blog

  • A blog doesn’t need to very be long but for SEO purposes shoot for 1500 words.
  • Blogs can utilize different formats: written, video, or a mixture of both
  • Consistency is a must. If you are going to start a blog, make sure you can blog once a week, once a month, or more, as long as you do it consistently.
  • Ensure you have a person to proofread your blogs before they are published. We all get into our heads and can miss typos or proper sentence structures.
  • If you want a blog, but either don’t know how to set one up or don’t have the time to blog. We are here to help. Blogging is one of the things we do at Chatterbox Promotions. We are content creators and consultants. We can be your proofreader as well as ensure that your words are online in the most productive way for you and your business.
Don't get frustrated about blogging

Don't get frustrated about blogging

How to start a blog

You need to pick a host (an online platform that your blog will be on) you can see here the Top 10 low-cost Blogging Platforms for 2017. One thing to note, if you don’t have a website, then you should create one, so your blog can be hosted on your site (every business should have a website). If you don't have a website and would like one, contact us we can help. If you already have a website BUT don’t have a blog yet, then your current host will have blog options for you.

What The Heck Do You Blog About?

Blogging for Business is all about informing your audience, and offering something of value. For example, a hairstylist could blog about why it's important not to use store box hair dye because it damages your hair. A pet store could blog about how important it is for pets to get exercise, eat better, and be less stressed. A mechanic could blog about the importance of car maintenance. They could have a YouTube video on how to check the fluids in your car to ensure they are at optimal levels.

No matter what your business is or does you can find content that others will find interesting and informative, you just need to find the right angle. Chris Brogan created a great list of 100 Blog Topics for Your Business check them out. 

100 Blog Topics

The first 20 are for helping you differentiate and build business 


- How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business
- Get More From Your (Whatever Product/Service You Offer)
- How We Start an Engagement With You (on ramping process)
- Build Your Own (Business or Project) With Our Help
- Meet Our Customer of the Week(Month)
- Learn How to ____ With ___ (customer you love)
- Stretch Your Budget By (something to do with your product)
- Industry Insights That Could Impact Your Business
- Need to Reach Us? Here are Many Great Ways to Connect
- Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This
- What We Do Instead of Advertising
- How Can We Help You Do More Business
- Why We Don’t Worry About Competitors
- Others Compete on Price. We Compete on Value
- The People Who Work Here
- We Asked Everyone in the Office for Their Philosophy on Success
- Another Perspective on Your Current Situation
- Comparison Shopping is Difficult. Let Us Help
- Why You Won’t Find ____ At (Our Business)
- Does ____ Matter to You?

This next set the “you probably won’t dare to use these at your company” set.

    - When It All Goes Wrong
    - Confessions From Past Mistakes
    - How We Deal With Trouble Reports
    - We Can Handle Criticism, Especially If You Help Us Grow
    - Where Do You See Us Falling Short?
    - We Asked Everyone in the Office for One Personal Failing of Theirs
    - Here’s What Would Make Us Fire You as a Customer
    - We’re Sorry And Here’s How We’ll Make It Up To You
    - Forgetting Something? We Sure Did
    - Listening Better And How It Will Strengthen Our Relationship

Here are some fun ones!

    - What We Do When We’re Not Hard at Work
    - Stop and Smell the Guns N Roses – Our Playlists
    - Collaborate With Us on a Selfie Project!
    - And You Thought You Knew Everything About Us
    - Listen to our (CEO, whoever) Belting Out (some popular song, poorly).
    - Easter Eggs We’ve Hidden in Our Website SO FAR
    - This Has Nothing To Do With Our Business, But It’s Cool (do this sparingly, though)
    - Is There More Going on Here Than Immediately Obvious?
    - Sparta! Our Favorite Movies and How They Relate to (Our Business)
    - I See What You Did There
It’s always someone’s first time on your site

    - Start Here
    - The Big Picture About (company/site/project)
    - Whatever You Do, Be Sure to Do This FIRST
    - The Essential 101 Guide to ____ (whatever you do)
    - Making Your (something about your business) Into a Habit
    - When Should You Revisit Your (strategy/purchase/something to explain timing)
    - Get the Most Out of Your (product/service/experience)
    - Have You Visited Our Other Properties? (Facebook, YouTube, etc)
    - Meet the Founders
    - If Only I Knew This When I Started

Some Thought Pieces

    - How Mobile Technology Impacts (your business or product or their space)
    - When Budget Limitations Strike, Do This to Improve Your Chances of Success
    - If We Started This Business Ten Years Earlier (or 10 years later)
    - The Global Opportunity for (whatever you do)
    - A Completely Different Take on (whatever you do) Using Low Tech Methods (tools, etc)
    - What (your business) Would Look Like in the Real World (or online, if you’re in the real world)
    - The One Big Guiding Principle That Explains Our Path of Action
    - Are You Ready For (some impending technology shift)
    - Does Anyone Really Use a Laptop Anymore? (or any tech you want to poke at)
    - How Will the Population Growth of Baby Boomers Affect (your business)?

Getting personal can have a big impact

    - What You Don’t Know About Me – Yet
    - Where I’m From: An Interview With Our Staff About Their Origins
    - What Your Kids Can Teach You About (your business)
    - Our Favorite Foods and What It Tells You About (your business)
    - A Brand Is What They Say About You – Here’s How That Applies to Us
    - If (your business) Were a High School Yearbook
    - Client/Customer Stories That Make Us Love Our Job
    - If I Didn’t Work Here/ Didn’t Do What I Was Doing
    - The Biggest Challenge I’ve Yet to Accomplish
    - What the Benefit of OUR Hindsight Can Teach You

Participatory posts can be pure gold

 - Ask Us Anything
 - Caught in the Wild – Show Us Your Office Environment
 - We Asked Our Customers to Draw Us a Picture And Here’s What We Got
 - Ten Of Our Customers’ Logos Redesigned by Our Kids
 - If You Ran (our business), What Would You Do Differently?
 - Come Work Here for a Week and Change Our Business From Within
 - Twenty Photos We Liked from Your Instagram Streams
 - Shared Wisdom from Our Weekly Tweet Chat
 - We Pretended We Were 7 Other Blogs. What Happened Next Will Change You.
 - Your Best Questions Answered Loudly

Give people recipes, and they’ll see how to use your services

 - How to Start a (business you could start with your product/service)
 - Here’s How We Fit In
 - Six Ways You Can Use Your (product/service) to Make Money (save time, etc)
 - Use This (other company’s thing) To Really Up Your Game
 - Bring a Friend to (your site) and Here’s How You BOTH Benefit
 - Do This Before The Next Conference You Attend
 - Want to Turn Other People’s Business Cards Into Actual Business?
 - You Know What You Want and We Know How to Help You Get It
 - A (some customer segment)’s Guide to (Using Your Product/service)
 - Beyond Day One – Get The Most From Your (thing you sell)

And a little potpourri for you

 - Sure We’ve Said This Before. Repeats are Good for You
 - A New Look At Our First Offering (to refresh your products)
 - Our Take on Big Data (or some other random concept)
 - What a (something odd) Can Teach You About (the field you work in)
 - You’re Doing It Wrong
 - (X) Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started
 - Are You Doomed to Fail Just Like (insert dead company)
 - The Biggest Mistake (people like them) Make
 - How to Recover From a (whatever goes wrong in your field)
 - Finish Strong – What We Know About Helping You Close Sales

Blogging for Business is Different

There are many reasons to blog, we named a few above, but besides gaining exposure, it also does the following:

  • Blogging helps you build credibility & authority
  • Blogging helps promote you, your product, or your industry
  • Blogging helps tap into your creative side, by thinking outside the box of your industry
  • Blogging makes you stand out
  • Blogging helps build a network, especially when you share your blog posts on your social media
  • Blogging boosts your business offline. A blog works for you even when your not on your computer

Blogging is so much more than just writing content and publishing it online. Today for your blog to generate traffic online and help your business get noticed SEO must be built into your blog. SEO can be difficult to understand and implement this is why many companies will outsource Search Engine Optimization. However, you can learn, and we love how creates The Beginners Guide To SEO to get you started.



We find the best way to approach a blog is to first figure out your topic. Then just write it all out, don't worry about typos and grammar until later. You can go back and make changes. After you have written your blog post, go back through and edit. Proofread your post multiple times or have someone else review it. While proofreading you can enhance your post with keywords and SEO tactics. This way you get your message out in the best possible way. 

Lastly, before you publish, proof-read it again. Sometimes it's best to step away for a few hours or days then come back to your post with a fresh perspective. Don't stress about the time it takes to do a blog post. It can take a few days, and that's okay, accept it and just know that your time will pay off. 

Final Step

Spread the word. Your blog post will do nothing for you except help with a little with search engines, but YOU need to create traction. You have spent time and energy writing a blog post, and now you need to use social media platforms to help fuel the fire. 

When it comes to social media, you want to ALWAYS publish your blog on your website. Then share the blog link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +. This will force readers to visit your site and help you or your company gain more exposure, along with increasing your SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) results. 

When posting to social media there are optimal posting times in order to get the best exposure. Thanks to our friends at Hubspot here's a cheat sheet to help show you the best times to post. 

Tell us what you think

Here at Chatterbox Promotions we welcome any questions or comments. We love to hear what you are up to in regards to SEO feel free to comment below.