Jon Carlin Shea - Author

Jon Carlin Shea is a local Bellingham, WA author who creates adventures of epic fantasy. Explore his Chosen of The Light series today. 

In 2013, Matt Campbell was notified his three part series was going to be published. Despite his delight came confusion. He felt overwhelmed because he was required to have a website, social media, and start promoting his first book in a short time. That's when Chatterbox Promotions stepped in to help. 

We created a website (that Matt now maintains), set up all his professional domain, and social media platforms. After monitoring his online exposure, we decided to re-brand Matt to a more unique name. He now writes under Jon Carlin Shea. Along with the re-brand came changing social media platforms, rolling out an ad campaign to introduce his new pen name, and tracking his digital media progress. We're happy to say his re-brand was a success and currently we provide ongoing consulting to ensure Matt's efforts aren't wasted. 

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Author of Epic Fantasies
As an author, Jenniffer’s service has been invaluable. Because I’m expected to do my own promotions, I often find it difficult to balance writing and marketing (and that doesn’t even take into account if I’m doing it well). Jenniffer has helped guide me through social media marketing with easy-to-follow instructions for day-to-day activities, as well as help me plan long-term promotions.

One of the most difficult things I’ve had to do as an author is re-brand, something Jenniffer proposed to me and ultimately convinced me to do. With her help and expertise, the transition was not only a lot of fun, but effective as well.Now I write under the name Jon Carlin Shea, and my presence on the internet and social media sites is much more noticeable
— Matt Campbell - Author (Bellingham, WA)