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"About a year ago, I began the long journey towards a new custom website. It was exciting watching the designers work and listening to all their wonderful ideas, but then a realization came. My website needed content. Lots of content! and it was up to me to provide it. I tried, really I did, but I was busy running my business and I procrastinated. Luckily, the wonderful web designers at Advancify introduced me to Jennifer at Chatterbox Promotions. I was a little nervous, but Jennifer made it all so easy. We talked just like old friends. I explained my visions for my website, how I wanted it to sound and feel. Jennifer listened, asked me questions and transformed my thoughts and visions into words. She was incredibly easy and fun to work with and my website is amazing. I can't recommend her enough! Before my site went live, I had some friends look it over, so I could get their impressions. Shelby told me that it sounded like I was talking to her. Thank you Jennifer! That's exactly what I wanted and you made it happen. If you need help with social media marketing or content creation, you should talk with Jennifer. She'll work with you as a collaborator, so your content is easy, natural and personal."

Raeann Scott, Farmers Insurance

"I highly recommend Jenniffer at Chatterbox Promotions for any social media, marketing or advertising needs. She went above and beyond to create a beautiful advertisement for our Elementary School. The professional work reflected exactly what we were looking for as a staff to share school-wide expectations with our students, families and community. Jenniffer went above and beyond in providing quality customer care. She was flexible and immediate in her response to questions and requests. Our school staff and community is thankful for her services and appreciate the exceptional work that she has done. If you are in need of similar services, I cannot think of another person more fitting for the job then Jenniffer at Chatterbox Promotions."

Julie McBride, Assistant Principal of Lakeland Elementary

Chatterbox Promotions went above and beyond.
"Jenniffer was able to knock out some content edits in a timely manner for us and the client liked the updates she provided. Excellent communication and turn around time. Will work with her again on our next project."

Advancify - Web Designers (Bellingham, WA)

"I knew I wanted to hire Jennifer after our first chat; she understood my vision for growing my business. I've hired Jennifer several times since, twice to write content for my new website and as a consultant to help me become a better writer. She has a great ability to write in my voice, and take my (sometimes cluttered) writing and turn it into impactful marketing."

Jamie Shannon - Girl Reimagined (Bellingham, WA)

"Chatterbox Promotions was beyond amazing to work with! Not only does she offer first class customer care, she is responsive to questions and feedback while simultaneously providing exceptional knowledge around the area of social media and marketing. My event would not have been successful without her as so much of the planning occurred via social media. Jenniffer went above and beyond to ensure the marketing was perfect to the point of creating an amazing logo and printing signage to ensure proper advertising occurred. She even attended the event and helped with not only marketing but jumped in when she saw an area of need in another department! I would recommend Jenniffer for any of your social media, marketing or advertising needs."

Brandy Jones - ECET2 Puget Sound (Seattle, WA)

"Jennifer is the best!! She taught us so much about social marketing. She is honest,efficient, friendly and does a great job explaining how the digital world operates, and how to make it work for your business. I highly recommend Jennifer for all your marketing needs."

Lucky Sing - Lucky's Speed Shop (Bellingham, WA)

"Jenniffer is knowledgeable, thorough and easy to get along with. She talked to me about what I am doing well and what I needed to work on and change. I had an amazing experience and will definitely work with Chatterbox Promotions again"

Stacey Keay - On Point Acupuncture (Bellingham, WA)

"Chatterbox Promotions helped grow my hairdressing business after returning to Bellingham in June. Jenniffer is very detail oriented, professional, and knowledgeable in the areas of social networking. She kept me on track and was involved the whole way through our time and process together. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve noticeably to their business."

Casey Blue - The Velvet Rope Hair Studio (Bellingham, WA)

"I was looking to create a label to use on the cartons we utilize in our word-of-mouth egg business. I brought Jenniffer at Chatterbox Promotions a sketchy idea. a collection of old photos, and a rough template to use as a 'canvas' for my idea. She took this motley collection and created exactly what I envisioned! 
Along the way, she made spot-on suggestions and reminded me that I was establishing a 'brand', even though it started as more of a goofy-fun notion.All of this tells me that Jenn is a great listener, a creative thinker, a solid producer, and a professional resource that I will use again in the future."

Shannon Smith - Egg Farmer (Conway, WA)

"Jennifer was wonderful. Very thorough and made it easy to understand. I can't wait to apply what she taught me. Highly recommend."

Dawn Matthes - Dawn Matthes Photography (Bellingham, WA)

"As an author, Jenniffer's service has been invaluable. Because I'm expected to do my own promotions, I often find it difficult to balance writing and marketing (and that doesn't even take into account if I'm doing it well). Jenniffer has helped guide me through social media marketing with easy-to-follow instructions for day-to-day activities, as well as help me plan long-term promotions.

One of the most difficult things I've had to do as an author is re-brand, something Jenniffer proposed to me and ultimately convinced me to do. With her help and expertise, the transition was not only a lot of fun, but effective as well.Now I write under the name Jon Carlin Shea, and my presence on the internet and social media sites is much more noticeable"

Matt Campbell - Author (Bellingham, WA)